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Release Date: 09 December 2009

v1.2.2 Patch Release Date: 06 January 2010

NOTICE: This is no longer the latest version available. Please check the sidebar at left for the latest release notes.

Downloading web2project

For the v1.2.2 Release, the only official distribution site is SourceForge.

All Installation instructions have been moved to the Installation page. They will no longer be included in the Release Notes.

Reporting Problems

Any and all issues discovered should be added to our our Issue Tracking System. Feature requests should be marked as such and not described as bugs.

For more information, support, or to discussion upcoming features, please visit our Support Forums.

New Features

v1.2.1 / 1.2.2

  • Updated two file permissions issues to allow compatibility with IIS7+


  • Added description and url information to iCal entries to make them more useful
  • Added object validation to all core modules to ensure that all required fields are set (relates to 242 below), further when an object fails validation, the user's input is sent back to the proper addedit page, their input is not lost
  • Standardized the method signatures for all core modules to simplify API development
  • Changed the Total Hours, Task Count, Percent Complete, and Worked Hours calculations to happen during selected updates and simply cache them for later requests
  • Added function files to track and notify users of functions that exist for backwards compatibility (mostly with PHP itself) and functions which will be deprecated
  • 170 - Projects - Cache Worked/Scheduled/Project Hours (caseydk)
  • 190 - Core Infrastructure - Build an Autoloader (caseydk)
  • 242 - Core Infrastructure - Display of server side validation (caseydk)
  • 274 - Roles: Import Permissions from existing Roles when creating new ones (pedroa)

Fixes/Bugs Closed


There were a total of seven particularly annoying and/or troublesome issues that made it into the v1.2 release and have been fixed in the v1.2.1 release (pending). While this frustrating for many, we appreciate the great community that has proven excellent in finding, diagnosing, and confirming bugs. This effort wouldn't work without them.

  • 329 - Trying to add a new department is not possible. Department Company field not populated.
  • 330 - Can't add/edit contacts
  • 331 - Contact edit form is blank
  • 333 - Can't see documents under documents TAB
  • 335 - Version 1.2 bug: can not delete files
  • 350 - Installation issue
  • 351 - Create User


  • Fixed some issues with the iCal interface
  • Updated the Contacts search to work properly
  • 143 - Projects - Project % Complete Calculations (caseydk)
  • 152 - Tasks - Task not displayed in Todo (pedroa)
  • 168 - Calendar - problems with tabs in todo when adding additional module (caseydk)
  • 245 - UTF8 handling errors (pedroa)
  • 253 - Core Infrastructure - Can't logon w2p !!! (trevormorse)
  • 254 - Tasks - Unauthorized view of compenies and users when assigning people to a task (pedroa)
  • 255 - Contacts - Issues on the Contacts Search (caseydk)
  • 256 - Core Infrastructure - Multiple email sent (pedroa)
  • 261 - Reports - "Tasks sorted by user" has dates only in European format (caseydk)
  • 262 - Tasks - Ckick on "todo" button doesn't refresh task list (pedroa)
  • 263 - Tasks - Task I have created not returned correctly (pedroa)
  • 266 - Forums - Fatal error when accessing a forum (pedroa)
  • 267 - Core Infrastructure - Not send email when using the option: Help! I've forgotten my password! (pedroa)
  • 268 - Files - Softcode strings to ignore in file indexation (caseydk)
  • 269 - potential corruption of UTF-8 character strings (pedroa)
  • 273 - Wrong Day spell in jscalendar (pedroa)
  • 278 - Departments - insert or update Department uses bad dept_parent value (caseydk)
  • 284 - Files - The W2P is allowing delete files linked to a project that the user not participating in the project. (caseydk)
  • 286 - Core Infrastructure - New autoload doesn't support loading Mail (caseydk)
  • 291 - Permissions - SQL error in editing permission (caseydk)
  • 294 - Project Designer - Project hours different/not accurate in project designer (caseydk)
  • 295 - Files - Task Access security circumvented by files module (caseydk)
  • 297 - Reports - Change the select id="project_id" rendering of project info (caseydk)
  • 298 - Tasks - Cannot select contacts from mutiple companies for individual tasks (trevormorse)
  • 303 - Departments - sort by columns in the DEPARTMENT view refer to the COMPANIES page. (caseydk)
  • 304 - Projects - When updating a project to change the department, the department becomes completely unset. (caseydk)
  • 313 - Reports - .htaccess for PDF reports incorrect (caseydk)
  • 314 - Tasks - End date issue when editing task after upgrade from trunk 750 to trunk 800 (caseydk)
  • 316 - Projects - Project display (caseydk)
  • 317 - Project Designer - Javascript doesn't like apostrophe in project name (caseydk)
  • 323 - Core Infrastructure - Fresh installations of 1.1 fail (caseydk)

Misc Changes/Improvements

  • Added more unit tests, not distributed with v1.2
  • Updated the system to suppress PHP 5.3 E_DEPRECATED warnings
  • Removed unnecessary code from the PHPMailer lib, the jscalendar lib, and ADODB lib
  • Added the Brazilian Portuguese translation to core
  • Converted the Projects, Companies, and Links modules to use the hook_search instead of the search object
  • Cleaned up some of the template generation to reduce duplication
  • Moved the mysql files around to prepare for additional multi-database support
  • Misc UI improvements including using the proper shortdate format, adding anchors to the sysval page
  • Reworked the Models and Controllers based on feedback from the CodeWorks Code Review to support a "Fat Models" concept which also moved most permissions validation from the Controllers to the Models - this is still underway, the Links module should be considered the reference implementation
  • Updated the report generation to use a randomly generated filename as opposed to an easily predictable one
  • 257 - Projects - Display of projects with sub-projects in cascade would make visibility much clearer (caseydk)
  • 321 - Files - web2project files uploading demands 777 permissions when it could do with less (caseydk)

Open/Known Issues

  • The cascading dependencies are still not 100%. Although long chains (A->B-C->D->E) work fine and tasks with multiple dependencies work fine, there are a limited number of scenarios where dependencies do not behave as expected.
    • One such scenario is when you have a Dynamic Task A with children chain (B->C-D->E) and Task F which is dependent on Task A. If B, C, D or E shift, they shift the rest of the chain as expected and the Dynamic Task (A) as expected but unfortunately F does not get updated.
  • If you upgrade from dotProject, you may have an oddity with your default theme/display as the name has changed. If this happens, edit your preferences, change to one of the existing themes, and save.