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Release Date: 07 June 2009

NOTICE: This is no longer the latest version available. Please check the sidebar at left for the latest release notes.

Downloading web2project

For the v1.0 Release, the only official distribution site is Sourceforge.

All Installation instructions have been moved to the Installation page. They will no longer be included in the Release Notes.

Reporting Problems

Any and all issues discovered should be added to our our Issue Tracking System. Feature requests should be marked as such and not described as issues.

For more information, support, or to discussion upcoming features, please visit our Support Forums.

New Features

  • A permissions caching layer:
    • Previously all permissions were calculated at runtime, now they are re-calculated for a given user whenever any of that users' permissions or Roles are changed reducing runtime queries by 90% in some cases;
    • Also allows questions along the lines of "who has access to this project?" to be answered without recalculating all user's permissions;
    • Provides a screen to review any users' permissions for anything in the system;
  • Overall permissions improvement:
    • Now the system assumes no permissions on an object until a Role or specific Permission describes otherwise;
  • A user interface overhaul - rounded corners, we're web2.0 ready!
  • Improved installer:
    • A dotProject to web2project converter detects and handles all versions of dotProject from v2.0;
    • An upgrade manager detects the current web2project version and applies database changes as required, similar to Migrations;
    • Added numerous configuration/requirement validations and specific error messages were applicable;
  • Added a number of new fields to the Contact object to accommodate new IM systems;
  • Added the beginning of a "hook" system similar to Drupal:
    • Reworked the queuescanner.php to automatically detect and call any hook_cron methods on system objects;
    • 74 Implemented an iCal feed (in ./calendar.php) to automatically detect and call any hook_calendar methods on system objects;
  • Added the ProjectDesigner to core;
  • Improved the getUser call to only retrieve active users in the system;
  • Simplified the various add/edit screens to only retrieve data relevant to the current context;
  • Added the ability for potential users to request an account for the system, made this ability toggle-able by the admin;
  • Added the ability for contacts to update their information without logging in, etc;
  • Added a check that will warn and stop a user from trying to upload/attach a file if the underlying filesystem permissions are incorrect;

Bugs Closed

  • Added database indexes/primary keys to selected tables;
  • Fixed the fonts issue on the gantt charts to use the distributable FreeSans font as opposed to Arial;
  • Fixed the default priority to zero (normal) for new projects;
  • Fixed the locales and appearance of the change password interface;
  • Added proper permissions checking to all dropdowns, selections, etc within the class methods;
  • Fixed the color picker (Projects) to work on all browsers;
  • Fixed some broken queries that were showing all contacts regardless of the company filter;
  • Fixed the permissions so that it is possible to view and edit events with no project association;
  • Converted the System Lookup Values from being a line-delimited single field to being individual database fields;
  • Fixed the w2pgetImage function to default to the web2project theme if the image is missing in the selected theme;
  • 24 Missing Installer PHP Page
  • 38 date format in task logs doesn't make my Short Date Format
  • 50 Task name cannot contain quotes.
  • 58 Enter key should work the same way as "save" button in creating new task
  • 59 Contacts module doest not show all contacts
  • 65 Forum permission add/edit does not work well
  • 66 Duplicate email notifications
  • 68 No validation checking on date ranges in Task Create/Edit
  • 70 Can't search for info in the Project Location field.
  • 72 file list empty in project view.
  • 75 Going from user list to department causes error if default tab on department is projects
  • 76 Under certain conditions the task owner ends up set to 0 causing the task to vanish
  • 77 Search that contains a parenthesis ( ) causes an error anywhere in search
  • 78 Task dependencies not cascading
  • 79 Hide forum tab if Forum module is not active
  • 81 Contact detail unable (Access Denied) to be edited even by the Admin account
  • 82 Event details become unable (Access Denied) to be edited even by the Admin account
  • 83 Expected Duration of Hours Calculated is incorrect
  • 87 Quotes in Item Names Damage Permissions
  • 108 Edit a project, see crash
  • 113 button 'new contact' in contacts tab of department view does not work
  • 114 Catchable fatal error when clicking on 'Projects' tab of the department view
  • 116 Column count doesn't match value count at row 1 - Forum module configuration
  • 117 PDF print out puts the forum topic on the same line as the content
  • 118 Selecting contact in a project - CLick Continue nothing happens + not updating contacts immediatly
  • 120 Catchable error when clicking on "task per user" button
  • 122 Missing argument 1 for CTask::getAssignedUsers() in tasksperuser.php
  • 123 White text not readable
  • 124 Javascript error when setting user permissions in "View User" mode (Flat View Only)
  • 125 Project Location is required by database, but not by UI
  • 126 Logging in with no roles results in crash
  • 127 Inconsistent security behavior with projects / task assignment
  • 128 PHP crash on clicking "Task List" button under "My Tasks To Do"
  • 129 Tasks never show in TODO list without elevated permissions
  • 130 Editing "Archive" status projects results in crash
  • 131 Multiple "archive" tabs exist on project screen after upgrade from dotProject
  • 132 Switching companies on the projects tab causes crash
  • 133 No departments are being listed in the departments module
  • 134 Potential dotProject Conversion Issues
  • 136 Go to edit a department, none of the fields are populated
  • 140 WPS-Redmond missing some image files in RC1
  • 141 Percent Complete Calculations Vary
  • 144 Spelling error in Access Denied message
  • 146 Project details not displayed for newly created projects
  • 147 Add permission item list <Project> shows inactive projects
  • 149 Assigned Users not listed when viewing the task
  • 151 Task list on Day View in Calendar is not displayed correctly
  • 155 USER's ROLE: "LOCK" Icon takes to EDITing role instead of "clipboard" icon.
  • 160 Child tasks not displayed in toto Gantt
  • 166 New Project form allows submission of project with no assigned company resulting in orphaned project
  • 167 Empty list of tasks when nef file is added
  • 171 Project Location, when left empty, causes crash
  • 172 Cannot use commas (",") when specifying budgets

Misc Changes/Improvements

  • Security:
    • Improved the datatype validation, SQL Injection protection, and anti-XSS code;
    • Removed various data access calls from numerous Views, refactored all of these to the Models;
    • Simplified and centralized all the permissions checks to reduce duplication
  • Refactoring:
    • Removed tickets.inc.php from the search objects;
    • Removed the {class}_func.php files and the ./functions folder by merging the functions into the relevant classes;
    • Tweaked the module reordering code to keep the order id's contiguous in order to prevent id's from "drifting" out of order;
    • Cleaned up the double quotes to use single quotes where applicable;
    • Cleaned up the Installer's sql to get rid of various magic numbers;
    • Added department email and type fields. Department Types with Lookup values support;
    • Reduced the overall Lines of Code (LoC) by approximately 18%;
  • Deprecation:
    • Replaced all instances of the "dPconfig" variable with the "w2Pconfig";
    • Adopted and converted the outgoing mails to PHPMailer lib;
    • Removed the old gateway.pl code for sending emails;
    • Removed unnecessary files and code where applicable;

Open Issues

  • The cascading dependencies are still not 100%. Although long chains (A->B-C->D->E) work fine and tasks with multiple dependencies work fine, there are a limited number of scenarios where dependencies do not behave as expected.
    • One such scenario is when you have a Dynamic Task A with children chain (B->C-D->E) and Task F which is dependent on Task A. If B, C, D or E shift, they shift the rest of the chain as expected and the Dynamic Task (A) as expected but unfortunately F does not get updated.