1.3 Release Notes

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Release Date: 01 April 2010

NOTICE: This is no longer the latest version available. Please check the sidebar at left for the latest release notes.

Downloading web2project

For the v1.3 Release, the only official distribution site is SourceForge.

All Installation instructions have been moved to the Installation page. They will no longer be included in the Release Notes.

Reporting Problems

Any and all issues discovered should be added to our our Issue Tracking System. Feature requests should be marked as such and not described as bugs.

For more information, support, or to discussion upcoming features, please visit our Support Forums.

New Features

  • Moved the upgrade process out of the /install folder and into the System Admin, automatically checks to make sure the user is an Administrator
  • Added a system message in the System Admin to notify the Administrator when an upgrade has been uploaded but not applied
  • Added CSS "minification" to the packaging process, reduces CSS filesize by 33%
  • Added javascript "minification" to the packaging process, reduces javascript filesize by 80%
  • 89 - User Interface - Automatically parse URLs found in text areas (caseydk)
  • 271 - System Admin - Upgrade Manager: Notifications (caseydk)

Fixes/Bugs Closed

  • Adjusted the moveTask() to automatically recalculate the percent complete for both projects when a task is moved from one project to another
  • Updated the username check on public account creation to actually work
  • Corrected task deletion to really be recursive
  • 336 - User Interface - Now all url's in description/info fields are parsed into links (caseydk)
  • 341 - Tasks - asdf characters left in task logs descriptions (caseydk)
  • 358 - Projects - Department Information is Lost (caseydk)
  • 362 - Files - Can't edit File information without upload (caseydk)
  • 365 - Tasks - task_priority treated as string (caseydk)
  • 366 - Tasks - Duplicate entry in task_departments on new task submission (caseydk)
  • 375 - Projects - Project progress ignores tasks that don't have any work hours logged (caseydk)
  • 378 - Projects - parent project tooltip does not display description (caseydk)
  • 380 - Contacts - Call to undefined method CContact::getUpcomingBirthdays() (caseydk)
  • 381 - Files - After uploading the SVN version 967 of 1.22 in the names appeared to be wrong (incorrect code pages) (caseydk)
  • 382 - Contacts - If you assign a person to a company and do not assign a person to a department it crashes. (caseydk)
  • 386 - Contacts - Updating Conatct Date of Birth fails (caseydk)
  • 387 - Files - File versioning (caseydk)
  • 389 - Project Designer - Task Access not populated (caseydk)
  • 397 - Files - w2p_textarea function messes-up accents in file_description on files/index_table.php (caseydk)
  • 398 - Files - file_show_attr function doesn't get file version and category values (caseydk)

Misc Changes/Improvements

  • Added more unit tests for dependencies, access control, retrieving dependent tasks, and task retrieval, not distributed with v1.3
  • Updated the system to eliminate more PHP 5.3 E_DEPRECATED warnings, the only ones left relate to PEAR Date
  • Added the Polish translation to core
  • Moved the mysql files around to prepare for additional multi-database support
  • Cleaned up some method signatures to eliminate some E_STRICT warnings
  • Updated permissions to allow a tasklog to be added even if the user can't edit the task directly
  • Deprecated the getDeny* functions, added functions with more logical names like canView and canDelete
  • Added deprecation warnings to a number of functions/methods that will disappear in v2.0
  • Cleaned up some default database values to be more consistent/logical
  • Added timezone/daylight savings selection to the user preferences - this information is not currently used by the system

Open/Known Issues

  • The cascading dependencies are still not 100% but very close. Although long chains (A->B-C->D->E) work fine and tasks with multiple dependencies work fine, there are a limited number of scenarios where dependencies do not behave as expected.
    • One such scenario is when you have a Dynamic Task A with children chain (B->C-D->E) and Task F which is dependent on Task A. If B, C, D or E shift, they shift the rest of the chain as expected and the Dynamic Task (A) as expected but unfortunately F does not get updated.
  • If you upgrade from dotProject, you may have an oddity with your default theme/display as the name has changed. If this happens, edit your preferences, change to one of the existing themes, and save.